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Family Portait

Theatre play for teenagers

The Babushka family is waiting for Jordan, the girl's fiancé, who does not come and gives no news. Follows anxieties, then suspicions, criticisms and accusations. The tension rises within the family, the unspoken arise, revealing secrets unmentionable.


The Manor

Theatre play for kids

Once upon a time there was a mansion ruled by two witches. But the people of the village, absorbed by their daily life, no longer went into the forest. So maintaining good neighborly relationships with witches and other creatures was complicated. Life at the manor became a mystery and fell back on itself. And the mysteries often represent a threat to everyone's peace of mind.

The Princess of the Fireflies, Theatre play for kids

The Princess of the Fireflies

Theatre play for kids

Today is the birthday of the Princess. The whole court rushes to the palace, but the princess is desired. Will she come or will she not come? And then ... are all the guests moved by the best intentions? Jealousy and covetousness will they disturb the party?


Luna Cor Amantis

Bible for theatre play

It is 11:20 am, on June 17, 1907, when Eugénie Pounard, a servant at Château De Bernis, utters a cry of horror. In the little salon, the count's body lies there, inert, on the ground, with his tongue hanging and his eyes bulging. He is dead, he who got married the same day! Revenge, conspiracy, betrayal; What obscure motive had caused the old judge's enemies to commit this horrible act?

The Morons, from the origin to present days

The Morons, from the origin to present days

Text for a solo show

Alceste Dupont confides to the public the abstruse events that made him aware of his chronic stupidity. Through his research, he draws a wild sociological picture of our civilization and tells us the story of stupidity, since the dawn of time.

Larven, Play for mask theatre


Play for mask theatre

Misunderstandings, dialogues of the deaf, greed or dreams of children, naive joys and philosophical reflections, constitue the framework of Larven's sketches, revealing colorful characters and reflecting the collective memory conveyed by the traditions of carnival and popular theater.

Show co-written in collaboration with Daniel Caran.

Lemongrass and Old Quarrels. Contemporary commedia dell'arte show

Lemongrass and Old Quarrels

Contemporary commedia dell'arte show

In a small town, as the new elections approach, notables are organizing to strengthen their power on the local economy. Everyone goes out of his interests, feelings get involved, old quarrels resurge.

This play is a continuation of the show "Vultures and Lovebirds". The two plays can nevertheless be read separately.

Vultures and Lovebirds. Contemporary commedia dell'arte show

Vultures and Lovebirds

Contemporary commedia dell'arte show

In a small town, after a period of recession due to a war, the notables organize the municipal elections to strengthen their grip on the local economy. They covet the lands of some, bribe the influence of others. The old quarrels are resurging. Despite their conflicts, everyone ends up agreeing to keep power.