short film Luck Jack

Jack, small-time, loser, slick hustler, while he was delivering a pizza, discovers bodies as well as a bag of money. He joins his girlfriend, Zoe, in a bar. She was about to break up with him when she became an accomplice to this discovery. They decide to keep the money, Jack will go and bury it. Will Jack be able to count on Zoe? Will he be worried by the police or gangsters?

After The Accident and The Bar Raider, Lucky Jack is the third short film giving the role of protagonist to the character of Jack.
I am researching writing around this contemporary archetype, which I named Jack, that of the guy, a little looser, who is not a bad guy, but who too often makes the wrong choices, giving rise to comical and even dramatic situations.

I made this short film at Kino Caen in 2022, re-adapting an ongoing script to make it doable in the context of a Kino. I also take care of the editing.