my design and multimedia realizations

Always focused on the idea of a resolutely visual theater, I am also interested in graphic design, photography, as well as writing and audiovisual production. In particular, I followed continuous training in these fields in order to study the strength of images on our understanding of the world, through the perception of the body in a scenic or cinematographic space.

Various logo searches
Photographic studies
Improvement of my knowledge of multimedia production tools
Atelierforian artitic training website


Design and realization of the website


Thema trainings

Thema Formation

Design and realization of the website


My own site

Design and realization of this website


2003 • 2004
design works


Multimédia design / video & web

During this period, I made a number of achievements in the audiovisual and multimedia field: graphic designs for printing and for the web, video editing or webdesign.

2002 • 2003
design works


Mandates of design and communication

I trained in graphic design, initially self-taught, and in continuing education. I honored different mandates and assignments in this area and in communication, including the press, events, advertising or catering.