my video and film realizations

Always focused on the idea of a resolutely visual theater, I am also interested in graphic design, photography, as well as writing and audiovisual production. In particular, I followed continuous training in these fields in order to study the strength of images on our understanding of the world, through the perception of the body in a scenic or cinematographic space.

Film news
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Behind a facade
in which I prensent my work with theatre masks.
short film The Bar Raider directed at Kino Berlino 2019

The Bar Raider

Short film. Adaptation, directing and editing

short film Lost directed at Kino Belleville 2019


Short film. Writing, directing and editing

short film Les Ailes directed at Kino Barcelona 2019

Les Ailes

Short film directed by Daniel Caran. Acting (leading role) and editing

short film directed at Kino Caen 2019


Short film. Writing, directing and editing

short film directed at Kino Pop Paris 2019

Le Feu Intérieur

short film directed by Guillaume Le Saout. Acting

short film directed at Kino Pop Paris 2018

Behind a facade : Patrick Forian

Documentary short film. Co-directing and editing

short film directed at Kino Pop Paris 2018

2 much flowers kill the rose

Short film. Directing and editing

short film directed at Kino Berlino 2018

Pimp My Crime

Short film. Directing and editing

short film directed at Kino Berlino 2018

Out There

Short film directed by Aristea Linakis. Acting and editing

very short movie I directed at Kino Cabaret 2018

Flow Motion

30" short film. Directing an editing

Interpretation in the short film La Cible - the target - Kino Geneva 2018

La Cible

Short film directed by Lorédane Straschnov. Actor

2012 • 2014
silent movie short film

Silent movie

Conception of 55 short films with the students of the school Acting International. Direction and editing

Music clip for the band Primal

Primal’s Machine

Music clip for the band Primal. Directing and editing


Bluetifull Sunday

Short film. Direction an editing

I gave myself the challenge of writing and making a short film of 1m30 in a weekend, to participate in a competition. I explored the theme of the perception of reality in a world where a thinning has become an anomaly, a rare moment, a memory that we keep track of through film images.


La lettre d’Henry

Directed by Pascal Rollin. First assistant, coaching actors, role of Henry and editing

A presenter appeals to the audience and takes out of his pocket the last letter written by Henry before disappearing.

The film questions the notion of temporality through a moment that reflects the thoughts, the memories, the life of Henry. I assisted my friend Pascal Rollin in the production of this short film, for which I wore several hats, including the role of Henry.

Interpretation in the short film Barbara


Directed by Stéphane Cherpit. Co-writing and starring role

Patrick Martin finds his apartment ransacked, his companion left him. The more he looks for clues about recent events, the more his disorder increases to reveal his double personality.

I co-wrote and prepared this short film with my friend Stéphane Cherpit. We chose story-boarding precisely the taking of images, a very rewarding exercise, especially as a comedian.

Interpretation and editing of the show : Deja Vu ? Contemporary tales

Déjà Vu ?

50 minutes editing of a performance

academic short movie

Métro, boulot… noix de coco !

Academic short movie. Writing, directing and editing

2003 • 2005

Short films

Participations in several short films

During this period, I participated in various short films and web-series. I acted as an actor, artistic adviser, co-author or actor director.


Blues for L

Short film ; writing and production

It's the story of a meeting, from the first glance to the first kiss, a timeless and universal encounter recounted through an imaginary day.

My first short film. I retain a lot of good will, learning, a team and unexpected means, unforeseen and solutions .... in short, the life of a production for which experience itself remains the best of results.

interpretation ine the medium-length film : M or the past confused

M or the past confused

Medium-length film by Thomas Crausaz. Role : Abel



Cathedral of B World

Short Film by Thomas Crausaz. Role : the technician

A woman wanders the streets of an imaginary city. She meets a mysterious character on the border of fiction and reality.

The first short film by Thomas Crausaz, that I accompanied in this project. The beginning of an artistic and friendly complicity that will continue its way until today. I held the role of the enigmatic technician.